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Principal's Message

Welcome Citrus Glen Cubs!

We are so glad to have you join our community! Please keep a few things in mind as we all work together for our kids:

·      Always drive slowly and safely in the parking lot, making sure to follow all directional arrows and signs and to pull forward all the way as you move through the drop-off/pick-up zone. You are always welcome to park and walk your child to the gates.

·      Make every effort to be her on time every day – regular, punctual attendance is one of the biggest predictors of how well a child does in school – and beyond!

·      Please always keep your emergency card up-to-date in the front office. Our number one priority is your child’s safety.

·      Don’t forget to confirm with Parent Square so that you receive all communications from myself and from your child’s teacher.

·      Please reach out with questions, concerns, and suggestions – my door is always open!

Very best,

Karin Just, Principal